JULY, 2014

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EDIT: This blog will be inactive for the foreseeable future.


All clothes and accessories: secondhand

Wearing linen, denim and leather on a a little trip to the beautiful Kilver Court in Somerset. The kind of place that forces you into a happy mood. You can shop for artisan health food, vintage and vintage themed homewear and discount designer labels (inc Mulberry handbags straight from the factory, if you're into those). We prioritised eating from the industrial restaurant (adorable tearoom also available) and strolling the Secret Gardens (the best kind of gardens, surely).


Hello pretties.

It's been a whole since we last met here. But I have good excuses! 

After the dog ate my laptop, and falling off (..a cliff?) rendered me an amnesiac for a dramatically convinient length of time; some genuinely upsetting, albeit generic, life events rendered fashion unnecessary and irrelevant for while. 
Maybe you've experienced that sort of apathy towards the inevitable meaninglessness of clothing when faced with the loss of health* and/or relationships? Well, with the healing electromagnetic power of the internet (these awesomely wise/ creatively inspiring blogs: A Beautiful MessMarc and AngelFree People and Lifehacker), along with time etc, hope and positivity are reinstalled. I've resubscribed to "fashion". 
As Olivier Zahm says in this showstudio interview, "Fashion is an escape from the banality, the vulgarity of the world... An escape from everyday life". 
#fashionismytherapy. I self medicate with high doses of pleasingly distracting, single minded quests to find THE PERFECT white shirt/ slouchy jeans/ scrunchie.... and have rediscoved the pleasure in looking pretty things and escaping to pretty places. 

Above are some of the prettiest places I visited over the Autumn and Winter months. 

*I've suffered with ME/ CFS for the past 6 years, and other body let-down issues, and have health blips. But overall I'm doing well...  just incase you were wondering!


Mia Farrow

Portrait of Leopold Zborowski 1917 by Modigliani // Fash-n-Chips outfit // painting by Katrin Coetzer // Bird print from Paragon Vintage Prints // unknown

photo by Pierpaolo Ferrari

Columbine Smille outfit // photo by Pierpaolo Ferrari // A Portable Package outfit // photo by Luke Stephenson // painting by Hope Gangloff

Antonella Graef by Jimena Nahon for Catalogue Fashion Book, September 2013
I DO have a bird obsession.

I'm really feeling green (particularly olive/khaki) with blue, and these are some of my favourite examples. Maybe worn with a warm pink/red/orange/lilac accent if I'm feeling adventurous...!