• firstly. Its both exciting and disheartening to find someone styling things in the exact same way that you do (or how you evisage yourself styling if all your second-hand garments matched and were made from nice slinky material, like these)... these images are from Lala Berlin s/s 09... I advise maybe just taking time to watch their slideshow of photos before entering the site proper.

  • secondly, I love Heal's, as in HEAL FASHION LAB'S a/w 09 cocktail dresses (incredible detail and construction. Would make a girl feel cacooned yet empowered), and print t-shirts (featuring Heal's classic sureal sense of humour). The website setup is nice too, including their very cool 'paparazi flash' video.

    More piccies to come and Leemans en Wicker and Johnnys Bird and Jonathon Leder (who I btw I want to document my life!) - all incredible, when I have the energy to deal with the frickin pictureuploadthingy.. urghhh!

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