oNE aND a hALF

One and A Half - Nikicio's second line - has called their first collection Heartbreak. Their approprietely melancholy explanation goes like this: "Heartbreak is pretty straightforward as it’s inspired by the end of one relationship and so the color is somber in black, white, and grey pallete. The tassels and attached shawls are used in the collection to represent tears and hoods are used to hide the face. The detachable shirt, blazer, cuff, and collar are used to represent the shattered feeling. We’ve all been there and it’s not pretty, but it’s very challenging to create a collection based on sadness and make it look beautiful. If there’s such a word as beautifulsadness, then this is what the collection is about.
I certainly agree about the beauty of the pieces, and they are melancholy, but I find their simplicity calming and uplifting. They very much remind me of the incredible style of young Camille on Childhood Flames.

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