After admiring this shirt in a Ponytail magazine shoot I looked up its designer: Krystof Strozyna and found an instantly thrilling site/sight.

I couldn't take my eyes off his show video for a/w 09 although I'm generally an easily distracted video watcher... After all, who could see a girl like this walking towards them a not pay attention?...Despite collections looking often at their most powerful photographed on-the-walk, captured mid stride and full frontal, rather than stylishly diffused in editorials, these particular catwalk piccies don't really do the clothing justice. The white lines skipping like a heartbeat over the black dress below (and on many other garments in the collection) are wonderfully arresting - ahem - and look asthough they're are made of string, but unfortunately they gaped where they were left unfastened, meaning some pieces looked unsatisfyingly unfinished as the models moved in them. I think the some of tailoring could also have done with being either pushed into something completely extroverted or fine-tuned to make it more wearable; but I still found it very inspiring. So if you're aroused by simple shapes and alarming details .......

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