WOWEEE!! These incredible illustrations are by 20 year old Australian artist Steph Chard and they pretty much blow my mind.. I wish I had the patience to concentrate on something for as long a period of time as these must take. I personally love the deer with the prettily festooned antlers.
Her talent reminds me of a young visit I had to the Saatchi gallery (I think: it was so long ago I feel I might have dreamt it!). Where a small room was dedicated (or so we were told) to the drawings of a 12 year old girl. The walls were plastered in these graphite drawings - shrine like - I think she had dissapeared or died. I was awe inspired by her ability to create drawings so acutely observed they could hardly be told from photographs, except that they were drawn on scraps of lined paper and sketchbook pages.
Once home though I felt challenged by this child genius, determined to create a similar feat, and inevitably discovered that nomatter what the ability, that level of drawing can only be achieved with a mighty fist of patience... something I still don't have! I'm working on it.. but I get bored so very easily......

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