SPEECHLESS. In a manner of speaking.

I'm sooo tired right now but I felt one of those passionate self righteous moments where I have to share something brilliant....
For the first time, LUXIRARE has given over or sold (not sure - it's at Susie's discretion) one of her homemade, extraodinary designs to be worn with somebody else's wardrobe: the blog-prolific Susie of Stylebubble. I'm sure any self-respecting blog obsessive will have already have read Susie's comprehensive explanation and seen her wonderful pictures. And will therefore know about her suggestion of a Luxirare shop.. an idea which makes perfect sense considering the incredible energy Luxirare must have in order to create in the way she does... she imagines, puts together, photographs and even packages her quisine/ clothes immaculately... [case in point: her hilarious and ingenious pie lolipops], seemingly just because she can, because she enjoys it. It would be a short step for her to start selling... but actually, I love the way she works now. Her self motivation, professionalism and homemade ethos is completely inspiring.
I could go on ranting about the rare originality etc of the Luxirare blog but I'm tired and ohhh words are not enough... As one commentor said of her:
"You leave me speechless with damn near every post"
Pictures: just a quick selection from Luxirare and Stylebubble

Link: Stylebubble's write-up

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