Just a quick proclamation... I'm addicted to LOOKLET! This website's technology astounds me! It's a cyber styling site with the best free-to-use dress-up software I have seen yet. With 1000s of chic garments and accessories, there's easily enough to ensure that creating a half decent 'look' is foolproof. It's ideal if your style is quite simple or layered since there are plenty of sweetly tailored and soft jersey pieces on offer from designers like Cheap Monday, Weekday and Topshop. There are also some fun items to play with and a few nice vintage things. On the downside it could do with a few more fashion adventurous pieces from 'the big guns' but I suspect thats because they've tried to choose garments based on wearability rather than fashion fads.
What really amazed me is the the fact that the models actually look like they're wearing the clothes - you can tuck one garment into another and its all magically worked out so that the clothes gather and billow where they should. And finally you can finish off your self-designed editorial by placing the model onto various backgrounds.

The next step would be to offer us a way of uploading our own clothes so we can (Cher/ Clueless- like) quickly play with our outfit onscreen and save all of that bedroom faffing.

nb:Looklet is a BETA site which I believe(?) means it might only be temporarily free whilst they sort themselves out... So get on it!

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