I've slowly been posting less and less recently due to some rotten health.
But just to make it official, despite having a vASt amount of lovely visuals I'm just iTCHiNG to share with the bloggersphere, I'm reluctantly going to have to take a break... I'm not sure how long for.. might only be a few a days in the end.. but I WiLL ReTuRn!
...I must! Or I will burst with unshared goodies....

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Chih-Han Hsu said...

Hi Dreamy! thanks for your kind words, your blog is very nice and full of interesting posts! to do formatting i jsut edit the html similar to this link http://www.lawnydesigns.com/2009/02/how-to-adjust-size-of-images-on-blogger.html

i just set all my with to 400px and leave the height out completely, the picture will stay in proportion... but i also link the image to a 800px image if it's verticle as the image will be stretched otherwise :) hope this helps~ feel free to email me otherwise.