ive started so ill finish

This has nothing to do with pictures or fashion but it feels good to share....
In my day to day life I'm a bit of a film-o-phile but find that many a time the music provides the soul of a film [and is occasionally more rewarding then the film itself. Memoirs of a Geisha.. Slumdog Millionaire etc left me craving the soundtrack far more than the dvd]. Today, especially, the soundtrack is used to tell you what to feel... [when watching vintage foreign films that favoured a sparse, less indulgeant use of it, I feel slightly ignored...].. so a great soundtrack is vital for a good film.

Anyway I have been compiling a playlist of soundtrack gems... take a listen... [Playlist is posted on right hand side of page but annoyingly it does insist on re-arranging the tracks so you don't get the pre-planned ambiance!]

Unfortunately couldn't get hold of Micheal Andrews music for the brilliant Me, You, And Everyone We Know. And haven't included Marie Antoinette/ The Garden State as the music from them already litters me playlists.


Jowy said...

Love this post and Me, You, And Everyone We Know is truly brillant one of my fave movies for sure!

One Love,

Allegra said...

it's sooo ture! soundtracks are very imortant and I would say it makes or breaks a scene/movie..

cool blog btw