Snow Play.

Above: REality STUDio A/W 09/10, and a still from Atanarjuat.
Don't RS's designs look deliciously cOSY???? Particularly to those of us experiencing a freakish amount of frost 'n' snow for an English Winter... It makes sense, since the German Studio's AW collection was inspired by the Canadian Arctic Inniut film: `Atanarjuat - The legend of the fast Runner´, apparently all visions of bright white snow and ice.

Below: me and a friend in the snow attempt to keep warm, by layering under our clothes with thermals and jumpers untill we puffed out like err... puffer fish? Of course being stiff due to bubble-wrap-like padding doesn't allow for great snow play... I'm sure it would feel far more comfy inside one of RS's lovely big arctic coats...

PS. I haven't deliberately made this post all wonky. I just seem to have 'dissagreements' [as the parents might have put it] with Blogger's photohandling capability; and it does insist on moving my pictures where I don't want them! Does anybody else have this problem?!?   HUH. Now it seems to be fine! Honestly technology does my head in sometimes!!...

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Klee said...

Great pictures.
I like her blog!