I'd like to raise discussion on the joys of Clothes Swapping. Yes. It's an old topic. But I have only just recently popped my swapping cherry. I had actually aquired enough pieces I believed to be good enough treasures to pass on, yet felt happy with releasing them for a more suitable home. [I think I hoard a bit too much, which probably stems from a strong dislike of wastage.... wasting money.. wasting materials... wasting some distant underpaid worker's stitching efforts].
Anyway, apart from aquiring a big pile of goodies to pass on it seems important that you partner yourself up with someone/people with what you consider to be marvelous taste. Ooor maybe you admire someone with a completely different look and you fancy trying it out for a while... the free clothes at a swap party equals great opportunity... Personally I like the one-on-one approach where it's more like exchanging gift bundles of second-hand pieces, specially curated for your friend.

Having gifted a vintage Liberty's coral angora jumper, a rather lovely but unsuitable primark belt, some Topshop, more vintage and jewellry; I have new shoes, books [actually that's a rather romantic idea... book swapping parties... share your read stories], and err, a vast array of exciting vintage additions. Further photos of which are sure to find their way onto here... above are some photos of one of the prettiest pieces.


cody said...

thanks for your comment.
the old effect is one of the imovie effects.

xx cody

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