iT'S The tRUTH. iT's aCTUAL.

Have you heard of I've only just come across this really amazing Swedish shop [which has fairly reasonable shipping charges I might add], and their rather lovely collection of clothing 'n' shoes [also reasonably priced]... Here's a little[!] short list....

PLUS...A few pairs remind me of the 'ideal booties' I drew in this post [sample below]. I never did find a pair with wide heavy treds, padded ankles covered in skinny ribbed cashmere and heavy heavy hardware... well maybe that was a lot to ask for; but Modekungen could have provided some cheap alternatives. 

....As does seem to happen, this post is not arranged as prettily as I wanted it to be because blogger's post editor + my highly expensive and therefore-should-be-flawless-Macbook pro have conspired against it. Does anyone else get these blogger post issues??!

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Gio Goi Jacket said...

Love the shoes here!!