A brief guide to Paris unknown

I felt I needed to share a few of the little hidden places that I found on my recent Paris trip. Places that any creative would adore...

Shop Vintage:

Everything in this trunk above was €5, and there were some good shoes in there.

I dithered over this soft peach leather bra, and bought the pink body.


Chinemachine [wonderful, varied selection of vintage clothing accessories and records for bargain prices] - 100 Rue des Martyrs [Down hill from Sacre Coeur into Montmatre]


The King of Frip [didn't have time to go in but liked the look of it from outside] - 33 Rue du Roi de Sicile.

I took several photos of these poor girls - they just had lovely style!


Free 'p' Star [plenty of cheap pieces packed high on two small floors and a cute little mezzanine. Clearly very popular] - 8 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie.

Four of my vintage finds...

... there is a "photoshoot" coming up of me prancing around in my other purchases...


Our favourite little cafe - there were plenty to choose from. But this one had an ideal charm: Le Progrès - 7 Rue des Trois Frères [Near Sacre Coeur]

More Miscellaneous...


elisabeth said...

lovely picture :) and your purchases look even better!i had no luck really with vintage finds the last i went, seemed there was a vintage draught!lol

SANDRA said...

ahh good pictures! I have been in a few of those paris vintage shops... I went in and bought a LOAD of stuff.. came home and realised that a big part was stuff I will never use.. but they where so pretty, they could not be left hanging... any similar incidents?


Anonymous said...

the pictures are rly cool!
i miss paris :(