can i have you?
Well, sooo many pieces of desirable jewellry!...
Unfortunately the high street just doesn't cut it for me. With jewellry it's all about craft pieces in classic colours and NO plastic! And I don't want it to look throw-away. Rather, cherished and life-lasting. Any of these lovelies would be welcome with open hands to my collection. But in my current state, some of the £££££ [check out the black and silver poison ring by Elyse Jacob] pieces are unlikely to make it, so I will continue to search markets and hippie shops.
For information on individual items click on link: can i have you?

 Three designers worth knowing about...

£££ = Monies
£££ = Pamela Love

And of course, there's always £ = ebay!


Clare said...

Gorgeous jewellery!

tweet tweet tweet


FashionJazz said...

Love everything : )

Style of a Fashionista said...

Totally get what you mean I hate plastic rings the high street does sometimes have good ones but it is rare. I am with you ebay and craft fairs xoxo

crimzonite said...

I bought a ring from Fashionology it is the coolest reasonably priced jewellery store. I've been listening to the sound in Creatures In My Ears and I know some of the tracks or artists like I know another brilliant song (feel it all around) by Washed Out but not the amazing one on your blog (olivia).

Michelle Elaine said...

I want them all!! I'm too scared to look, I'm worried it'll all be way out of my price range..

I saw that you commented on Susie's (from Style Bubble) Anything But Black post where she featured several ASOS pieces (specifically an embellished shoulder) and I thought you might be intersted in a DIY 3D Floral that I did: