I wanted to share some of my favourite collections inspiring me this Summer. I'd like to take elements from each...
The Row. Resort 2011. That simplicity and unexpected darkness intrigues me, like a new-girl-at-school.

Weekday. Spring Summer 2010. This is essentially what I wear on a lazy day anyway, but it looks so much better on a Watts-alike model. 
By the way, if you haven't watched Some Kind of Wonderful, you MUST!

Acne. Resort 2011. Hats. Hats. Short. Long. Boxeyness. Drapery. Hats.

Ksubi. Spring Summer 2010. OOOOOOOh. Why do I want to look like lesbian trucker SO MUCH?

Christophe Lemaire. Spring Summer 2010. This is just a beautiful, calm collection; knowingly styled. I especially like the two dresses and the yellow baggies.

Hernandez Cornet. Spring Summer 2010. The kind of collection your boyfriend doesn't quite get.

Finally, Yves Saint Laurent Menswear. Spring Summer 2011. I'd say this is a actually a pretty great unisex collection. With completely edible colours and inspiring layering. Mmm.

So there it is! What collections are inspiring you just now??


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Scarlett Rose said...

Too much, i love it.