We all go through phases, it's to be expected amongst creative people craving inspiration... And while there are hundreds of quality blogs out there that I'd rave about given an open ear; riGHT nOW  I'm just so into Swedish bloggers. Specifically Sigrid Agren Superstar, Huund and Buffalo Records.
If fashion, and therefore fashion blogging, is aspirational; then i aspire to the lives of bloggers living in minimalist airy flats in Sweden, taking photos in black and white, with hair down to the hips of lithe, pale bodies.
The reason these particular blogs are so appealing is the immediacy of them. The text is sparse; their photographs simple, often taken on webcam... In a contrast to mine own which are laborious due to a great lack of natural light available in my flat/ bare white walls/ a beautiful model to look suberb sans make up etc. Opposites attract don't they.

Among all the fashion and lifestyle super-blogs, these ones are intimate, and personal. 'Sigrid' even shares her burnt toast with you!..

So here we are: Buffalo Records. Recently moved here.

Ahhhh this girl's photographic work really deserves a post unto itself. To see her charming and filmic pictures go to this site and this one.

For more in this vein, go see these boys and girls...
Do it.


Kristine said...

Thanks for sharing these! I'm always looking for inspirational blogs. xo

Delilah said...

Amazing blog :) I'm glad you commented me so I could find you ! I have a thing for swedish music so if you know any good bands I haven't heard of let me know chica :) xo