I'm selling these trousers so I thought I'd play about with them before they go! I'm selling a lot of stuff actually... Sometimes the high quantity of possessions I own weighs me down, and this is especially true of clothing. Not that I own half as many garments or accessories as other fashion lovers, but I'm inspired by the cleansing/ organised way that Becka Diamond thinks of her wardrobe "...If I want something really bad, I'll get rid of like 5 things that I just kind of like, so now I'm really starting to get down to the core of awesomeness." 
Also, my flat is a CRAZY MESS, which seems to prevent my mind from thinking freely. 
... Mess/ surplus possessions are a bit like weight gain... easy to gain... but a pain in the arse to lose.

Wearing... trousers and bags vintage, shoes and hat topshop, t-shirts New Look, Bustier DIY, Jewellry - various sources, gold tassle tie-back [used as headband] Snoopers Paridise Brighton.


ParisiannSkies said...

these are pretty cool, and surprisingly versatile.

Sandra said...

Very, very nice!

Sarah said...

I love the outfit, the styling, the photography... and the pants!