Do you remember classic 90s highschool drama My So Called Life? 
Erm no, I didn't either. I totally like, missed it, or whatever. But I'm repenting for my sin. The resurgence of 90s fashion compelled me to rent the entire series and basically screencap everything. 
I'm going to recommend the short-lived series though for the endearing characters and the like, totally realistic storylines, or somethin', too... Watch Claire Danes moon over Jared Leto and his increasingly lanky hair... Oh how did I ever love the lanky "curtains" look!?
Click on these screencaps to see get a closer 90s fashion feast:

I was so inspired by the costumes, I roped in Kerry to model for a My So Called Life tribute..... 

Styling/ photography: Me


crimzonite said...

Wow, so much colour and patterns it's quite cool in a grungy/70's sense. Your rendition of the film is really good. I've personally never really liked the 90's as an era for style, or anything really even though I was born in it :/ though I think Kurt Cobain and The Breakfast Club were pretty cool.

ParisiannSkies said...

these images are so great.
so much inspiration to be taken.
i love 90's grunge, being a kid in the 90's limits your choice of clothing but i'm making up for lost time now.

Rackk and Ruin said...

your tribute was a total sucess. You totally capture the feel of My So Called Life (seriously the best show, and way ahead of it's time. . . sadly that's why it was canceled so quickly) Thanks for sharing your shoot!