AKA look how many ways I can sit on a chair!
Went to London last week and got very carried away buying lots of things I shouldn't have. Now I'm feeling bad because I don't in any way need them. I hate the feeling of having spent too much... That same heavy, over-indulgent feeling of having over eaten, except joyfully you can return clothes. This vintage dress was bought in from some forgotten shop in Brick Lane [they all blurred into one...] and is definitely a keeper [lucky dress]!

Also, I'm sorry for my awful hair: it's growing out of my old cropped style painfully slowly, so I'm forced to embrace the "mop-head" look.


ParisiannSkies said...

this dress is definitely a keeper, very timeless and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

love the dress and the chair is a great prop!


Panda said...

You look great! Love the dress, I know what you mean about brick lane shops ahah, they're all a blur! :D d. Great blog btw, just kinda stumbled onto it! I'll be back, its rad! Panda xo

Annabel said...

love these. thankyou for the link to that red sweater its goorrrrge!