Hmmm... Struggling a bit with this transitional dressing. Right now my flat is so cold that I'm wearing two jumpers and sat Michelin Man-like under a woolly blanket. It works for 00:51 in the morning but it can't be such a good look for leaving the house in...
Solution. I am really into the idea of wearing suits. "Suits" in the loosest sense. A nice pair of [peg-legged or skinny] trousers, a super simple top and a great jacket.
This Yves Saint Laurent collection made such an impact on me when it was shown 3 years ago, and it still holds its own. Seriously, go look. Slap some platforms on those models, with long and skinny rather than wide and stubby belts, and you've got Autumn 2010!

Hanneli always works a good shorts "suit".. here, and here are favourites. Actually matching suits are pretty inspiring too, they're just harder to achive on a budget! This one on Emsedge is good, as is Elin's Acne.


MargieF said...

You can never go wrong wıth a classıc well- cut jacket... ıt makes any outfıt ınstantly stylısh

hannah said...

i just stumbled across your blog and i must say that it's one of my new favorites. the photos, the looks, your commentary, your backpack - it's very refreshing. so glad i found it! : )

the suit look is so perfect for fall - my favorite is an all white or all black look.


Anonymous said...

Love everything about this look - especially those boots! About to start following you.


crimzonite said...

I've wanted a tuxedo jacket for a while now, I somehow think it would complete my wardrobe; but having seen yours I can't but feel like I'm losing out on something. I also like the link you posted to "Elin's Acne" jacket; her clothes perfectly hang loosely yet smartly on her.

Sarah said...

I love a nice long jacket. I reminds me of zoot suits from the 30s/40s, with the exaggeratedly baggy trousers and incredibly long belt chain. Yours looks great with the white trousers, definitely not a look I could carry off!