... leather jacket on top of leather trousers under denim jacket over denim waistcoat over leather jacket over sheer blouse under fur [of the faux kind]..... Yep. It felt good wearing all those layers. Like each was another piece of protection, literally and psychologically. I'd forgotten that lovely upside to winter.. My CK booties alone double the size and clout of my feet, should i need to do some damage to a pile of fallen leaves!


Alix said...

OMG I just discovered your blog thanks to your comment and I love those pictures !

I love your excentric style, I definitly have to follow your blog ;)


CocoCherie said...

Great outfit and pictures. Love the stacks of books and magazines underfoot.

Blackswan said...

love the layering here! your blog/blogs are amazing and such a breath of fresh air! thank you for visiting, i am following you now!

loving your "snood"

come visit again and follow too?!

x Your Only Blackswan