2010. Recap.
 JANUARY - I went all sugary sweet and pastelly,

and for the first time in ages, picked up a pencil.

 FEBUARY/MARCH - I went for a graveside stroll in... my studio, thanks to an ancient projector and my Dad's old slides.

APRIL - Paris beckoned. Ohhh so lovely.

Then I took some of the vintage pieces I'd picked up over there, and pranced around in them infront of my camera... because that's what I do.

MAY - I posed with my legs apart apparently. Ooo err.

JUNE - I started photographing Kerry.

I also had a Yin and Yang moment.

JULY - In bright, fresh colours to match the sunshine; most of my clothes came unashamedly from the elderly departments of charity shops/ eBay.

Unfortunately said sunshine had disappeared by the time I had to photograph Chloe.

So I got down with the projector again.

AUGUST - I stood in a hallway.

And sat on my stepper... This is how I like to use it. No exercise for me, eh.

I created a little homage to the "My So Called Life" series.

SEPTEMBER - My Granny Coat!


Finally - one of my favourite buys of the year - this lovely sheer vintage blouse.

These are just some of the pictures I made in the last year... I don't love all of them, looking back; but I'm fond of the learning process blogging experimentally like this has gained me.

Here's hoping you all have 2011s even better than your 2010s! 
...With healthy doses of deep kisses.. strange adventures... midnight swims and rambling conversations..


MargieF said...

thia is an amazing collection of photos. you are a really great photographer and your collection of outfits are envy inducing

johanna said...

ah this blog is amazing too!! xx

amalie said...

wow, great photos!
my first time here, you have a great blog:)

Anonymous said...

love your style, photos and drawing! it's beautiful and inspirational!

Anonymous said...

That's your own drawing in the beginning?! You're so talented, the drawing blew me away!