hey! did someone say colour block?

Handmade clutch.
Topshop shoes.
Vintage trousers, trench, leather jacket and binoculars bag. 

... Those painfully trendy words.
Pouting in head-to-toe colour in the grey, unfriendly, early-spring of England feels unnatural... Cheerful clothes like these are reserved strictly for the Summer months, right?.. Twenty celsius and above, when the contrast between them and your surroundings is not so jarring!



amalie said...

gorgeous! love the colors, that blue is great! love your jacket too!

Anonymous said...

ahh this is great!!


A.n.E said...

Love the colors and the use of lighting in these pics, darl. It just makes its that much moodier and dramatic.


Neil Adams Clothing said...

nice..minimal art

Twobreadsplease said...

absolutely love the colours, i just bought a pink trench so i'm going to have to try it out with some bright trews now x

Cristiana Nunes said...

Really like your style!