So yesturday, me, my film camera and my tripod all went out for a walk in a sunny forest. I used a whole roll of film on myself and broke my out solo-state only to tip my cap to other photographers also roaming for the sweet spot... And to sing Disney songs with squirrels. I may look shocked in one or two photos - realising just as the shutter went off that a random dog/ explorer was coming at me.

Pretty gutted I forgot to get a decent photo of the back of the the '90s dress I was wearing though... It's all kinda pretty laced-up n stuff.

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine toooo?


Kristine said...

I miss taking photos in film. I love these of you. <3

Twobreadsplease said...

you are hoooooot. so is that 90s dress. these are some hot-tastic (?) snaps. i love that you go outside with your camera and tripod too, feels like such an adventure whenever i do it! xx

Fydez said...

Best photos I've seen for a long time. XX