summer inspiration: pEOPLE

Some beautiful people revving my engine at the moment...
[Psst. Some if these images are a year or two old, but I guess that just makes them classics.. in my eyes...]

Marcella Mravec; working mumsy-minimalism [yep, just made that one up. PATENTED!].

Via Streetpeeper; double denim. Always.

Marcella Mravec via Columbine Smile; wearing the 90s neckline I can't stop thinking about.

Annemiek via Modedamour; the poster child for Zara/ Cos/ Wang.

Adrianna Glaviano via All the Pretty Birds; in Creams and rumpled linen aand loafers aaand
a basket.

Via Anne Bernecker and Zara People; mixed bright colours and leather handbags.

Via Emsedge; textural white, black and navy combo. Also great unexpected bag.

Alice Goddard via Cool and Beauty; a fruit print dress and shoes with socks.

Via Style Magnolia; frumpy coats, esp. raincoats.

Alexa Chung in ankle boots, worn-in tee and off red skirt/ shorts/ trousers.

Camille via Childhood Flames; in her maths-paper skirt. It's the floaty pairing I like.

Clemence Poesy in silky slinkiness for evening, with itsy bitsy accessories.

Hanneli in... pretty much every one of her perfectly "put together" [as she describes her
style] outfits. Oh and her smiliness!

And finally, via Stylesightings and Styleclicker; cute Woman-Repelling boys.


ParisiannSkies said...

some of these outfits have been in my mind too weirdly enough... alice, alexa and camille !

olivia grace said...

beautiful outfits! x

Anonymous said...

I love mumsy-minimalism; I've always been in need of a way to describe it and now you have solved the case!

x Vanessa

Anonymous said...

i love all those slouchy pants in this post, i just recently came across nice slouchy pants from leyendecker, love

and alexa, love! and that red jacket

Geneva (apairandaspare) said...

great pictures - love them!

Helen Glory said...

Love this post too, I also have the Banana Print dress worn by Alice: Check out the Tooty Fruity time: