DiY // Lime green Comme De Garcon clutch.

Photo // Jak & Jil

So, clutches are big news, right?!
You may achieve ultimate nonchalance, by smooging a squigy, rectangular, leather vessel under your arm.
Especially if you're striding along to somewhere important, with your important hot drink and important communication device in either hand. (I might be getting confused here with a how-to-get-boys type post I once read. Which argued that trendily burdening yourself with a coffee cup, phone, and as many bags as possible in/ under your arms is good, because boys like the vulnerable, struggling-to-cope look.)
... Anyway.. I really like the simplicity of the Comme De Garcon clutches (above), their demure size, and the fact that their bright colour has the ability to cheer up/ complete an otherwise basic outfit. I didn't want to splash loads of money on one of CDG's, so I made my own; with a black leather clutch (bought for £1.24 from a charity shop!), acrylic paint and PVA glue.
If you fancy doing similar, you could easily paint on leather (it's surprisingly satisfying!) without PVA as the acrylic is already pretty adhesive. I mixed in some glue to make sure the colour wasn't too matt (CDG's slightly shiny ones look great), and the glue helps to stop the paint from crackling. I find my green a little too yellow now that it's finished, but I then could easily paint over it sometime with a completely different colour...


LeSimple said...

very nice , I have one orange from American Apparel.

le pearl said...

you did this?!? Man your blog is sooo underrated x