Accessories ruled today... I realised that a plumbing fixture, that I'd bought to make a bracelet with, could be unassembled into four different components of enjoyably different metal textures. I'm wearing three on one hand at the moment. The other two rings are from Spittlefields and Portabello markets.
Other accessories included:
- A pair of wonderfully old-ladyish vintage loafers, with a pleasing amount of flatform.
- A butter-soft clutch bag I made out of a leather hide my mum gave me several yonks ago and I've only just deigned to use it! The fact that these two items match up so well is a wonderful coinkidink.
- A vintage Givenchy bracelet and trusty Casio watch.

Clothes: As with most of my outfits, this was all pretty cheap (£1 secondhand jeans, beautifully constructed unworn blazer £3.40 from eBay, and mens shirt that has alway seems to have been in my wardrobe, therefore £REE!) And as I've mentioned before I love a suit(*read, co-ordinated, but not intended to be together, trousers and jacket) - the white + white made me feel like I was wearing one. It felt good. (This may be a side affect of being born a shoulderpad-wearing baby of the eighties...)


fashion westie said...

I love this post! The detail shots are amaze. I love the green nails and the loafers are such a find! I'm trying to convince my plumber friend to hand over some hardware for jewellery purposes but he's such a stinge moaning they're expensive. Whatever buddy.

Anyway, the not-suit is looking sharp :)

Slimbykings said...

Wow I have really enjoyed the outfit posts, like thie one!! xxx

Sophia said...

Such an amazing outfit!!! I love love love the bag you created, very diy talented! Thank you for your lovely comment! <3

il était une fois... said...

love love LOVE!!!! xxx




Alina Albert said...

I love shoes and purse which is awesome i have the same shoes in black which i have bought with Amazon Coupon which is beautiful.

taffetaramblings said...

amazing post. the bag is stunning & looks oh so soft. the loafers are a great colour! xxx