Trousers + cardigan// Topshop, Leather and suede clutch// homemade, coat + scarf + poloneck// thrifted, shoes// Dorothy Perkins

Using Fantasia screencaps poached from Stylebubble.

Hellooooo lovely readers. I hope you've had some time off for the holidays, and that you spent it wisely... Watching copious children's movies, playing charades and being force-fed decadent food, if you're anything like me. This is one outfit I wore for such an occasion.

The discrepancy between my serious face and the coquettish joy of the Fantasia screencaps I've used, is because it was only after I took the pictures, that I realised that the colours of my outfit HAD to be matched to the pretty pretty pictures.


Anonymous said...

you look great
do you have any new year's resolutions? ;)
happy new year!

Restless Bones said...

Loving it as usual!

Rebecca said...

I want to do this one day! I love how you've used the screencaps (:

DREAMY said...

No, no resolutions - I'm always making resolutions so they don't really get saved up for New Years!

Emily said...