Pierre Hardy// Ally Capellino (look at more here) via Mr Porter (a lovely, mens' lifestyle shop)// Levi's via Mr Porter

I've booked up to go to Barcelona in mid-April, and I'm very excited! 

I'd like to find a nice new bag for the travel and general city-wandering. And, thinking that bags designed for men are generally a little larger and a lot more practical, I had an e-browse in the mens' section and came up with some goodies. The first or third ones down on the left, or third in second down, might be my favourites... 

Comparing the highstreets' bags with the designers', it's interesting to see that with "simplicity and practicality" presumably being the brief, the bloke end of the highstreet can hold its' own (ok. the Puma one lets the side down...). With the quality of materials used, being the only - inevitable - hitch.

PS. Have men always had these nice bag options?
I guess not...


Fashion Tidbits said...

Ooooh i like the mint green one!!!

Mat said...

i'd go for the levi's one if money wasn't a problem