Massive amount of pictures coming, hope this doesn't bum your computer out....

So you know the distressed denim thing that Acne is celebrating on skirts, jeans and jackets right now? Well... their idea may well have originated with design duo Marques'Almeida [Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida]. 
Marta and Paulo only showed their graduate show last year, and I've been following them since then - enjoying the raw edges [maybe less exaggerated for everyday application] and the flat uniform colour of the denim. So it's nice to see their clothes having an influence. Apart from the potential Acne connection, I've seen some M'A clothes on fashionweek goers' backs and... I think I've spied some Asos rip-offs of their shoes... 

M'A's shoes looking orthopaedic-pretty on Alice Goddard's feet
Asos SS12 lookalike shoes on Park&Cube

Has the all the texture and colour and clumpy shoes from their SS12 and AW12 looks won you over yet? 
At some point the design duo are gonna have to stop using denim, so it'll be interesting to see what they branch into next... frayed silk please?!


tonje said...

True, true!

Maria said...

I never actually realized they made shoes! But yeah it's going to be interesting, will they follow the distressed style or not. Big opportunity for them to prove who they are.

laura said...

damn i totally second you on that, had seen those shoes on alice before and i completely drooled all over my laptop. just wondering if you can actually buy them anywhere since the label still seems quite underground despite all the blog coverage lately (me included hah..)

and second you and maria on that, will be so interesting to see whats happening after the denim !

ToomanyRonis said...

WOW I had seen that first style shot and had been wondering who/what it was. I want to try a DIY version with two oversized jean jackets and see how it looks.

I'm so excited to have discovered your blog! I'm loving it.

Emily aka @TooManyRonis

Jamie-Maree said...

Beyond adore your blog and this post is just insane-I'm all about denim everything at the moment and hadn't heard of this design due before-perfection!

I'm going to give some DIY's a go inspired by the pics you posted + I'm loving on those shoes.


Isabelle said...

your inspirations are matching so much mine, your blog is very interesting!!