Picasso - Seated portrait of Dora Maar

Picasso - extract from a portrait of Marie Therese Walter
Picasso - Blue, Green and Brown
Unknown architecture  Sagrada Familia
Picasso - Jacqueline with crossed hands

Picasso - unknown

Parc Guell

Picasso - unknown

Eeee I'm off to Barcelona in a few days!.. Eeeeeeee!
These are things I'd like to be wearing, inspired by the places I'd like to be visiting. And, because I'm a super pre-planning freak, I've organised them from hot weather to cool...
I'd like it to be blue skies and skin as it was a week or two ago (how much better would the colourful Park Guell look in the sun?) but the Weather Whisperers predict cold and rain during exactly the time I'll be there.


Chicapardoca said...

Fantastic selection of clothes and accessories, in tune with the images from Barcelona and Picasso's paintings.

Acid Wallpaper said...

I'm saving this

Acid Wallpaper said...

p.s. SUCH a good post x

monica said...

omg have an amazing time in barcelona!!!

Isabelle said...

I love Picasso painting, and it's really nice to find them in a fashion blog :)

SVERRE said...

oh, i love this photos. have fun!