everything but the girl

 Everything vintage apart from Topshop top and Casio watch.

I like adding the "wrong" colours to a black (and white) outfit. Like this tiny browny/ maroony bag, or just about anything navy.


ALCOHOLS said...

well i dont think there is anything wrong with adding brown to b&w but i know what you mean - its kind of unexpected. but probably thats why i like it. xx

Helen Glory said...


I hope you are well. You asked about my pattern cutting course. I took it at Hackney Community college. About 100 for 10 weeks, one eve a week. It was ok, but the teacher was a bit lacking. I suggest you get a book and the tools. I can try and find the list of the best books if you would like? Love your BLOG!



Anonymous said...

your outfits are amazing

Anonymous said...

the shoes you've found look very pretty, remind me of sex and the city