Holiday Snaps

Sagrada Familia: Gaudi's church. 
Which, from a distance (at 100 metres tall), looks about five times the height of the rest of Barcelona's
 architecture, yet when the central spire eventually gets built it'll grow an extra 70 metres.... Wow. 
The exhibition inside, shows you with maquettes, how mathematically genius Gaudi's design was. 
And bonkers! Now it's not so surprising that it's not yet finished, even after a century.

Views from our tour bus. 
Annoyingly, sounds from the tour bus, were limited, repeatedly, to "Barcelona is one of the most
 wheelchair accessible cities in Europe, 90% of the Metro system has... Barcelona's taxis are recognisable
 by their black and yellow colouring. A lit sign indicates availability, and they can be attracted by a
 waving motion..", "Barcelona hosted the Olympics in 1992......" 
We passed dozens of interesting buildings/ sights that the commentary completely neglected (!), 
but... at least we got to see them.

Views from our very lovely apartment/ hotel.  

Park Guell. It really was incredible in the sunshine.

La Boqueria food market, off La Ramblas. Some pretty sexy looking food displays. 
Worth visiting with an empty belly.

Well, I remembered to photograph most things, except for.... myself. Excellent. This happens
 frequently on special occasions. Not a good attribute for blogging!
Also, I really wish I'd gotten pictures of the Gothic Quarter [flashless camera proved useless around the intimate backstreets].
But hopefully these pictures give you a feeling of the trip!

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Our Youth said...

Lovely photos. I loooove Barcelona :)