Paradise in the home

The quest for a hawaiian shirt may have ended, because I remembered I already had this 
jumpsuit in that vein. I'm not sure I've actually worn it since a trip to Paris a couple of 
years ago. And I'm wondering if that long lapse in lovin' should be taken as a hint... 
I don't know.... 

... Maybe if I owned these white (COS) sandals, or even these
both capable of making anything look good!
wzOU0H on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif

PS. I'm selling this beloved old baby on eBay


Highly Dazed said...

thanks for the comment - and I must say, likewise - love the layout on your blog and the way you play with the elements. kind of rare to come across other doing so.
I was wondering which country you come from?
ps. the cos shoes are epic.
- cecilie.e

Mat said...

that's quality, nice print

melissa barrass said...

I would have to agree that those shoes would solve alot of world problems haha x

the white ribbon said...

I absolutely loved this outfit pictures! xx