Silver. Again.

A year or so ago, I expressed a craving for things silver. Fashion heard my calling, and designers like Phillip Lim and Blumarine provided further inspiration. 
Buut as much as I still liked the spacewoman fantasy, I didn't find any silver thing lovely enough to enter into my wardrobe. Then some forgotten silver leather sneaked out of the suitcases of fabric I keep ready for diys... So I made myself a much needed little purse - perfectly sized to fit my cash/change and many many cards! 

I wanted to keep the materials as simple as possible, so it fastens with this 
long rap-around strap. The tassel is removable if I get bored with it.

The backside.

Via Wolfcub

Blumerine aw13

3.1 Phillip Lim ss12

After making a tassel to finish off my bag, I got really into
the idea, and... started to put tassels on everything....


Lily said...

Wow, it's incredible. It looks so expensive! You should make more to sell!! I'm such a huge fan of the tassels too.

Acid Wallpaper said...

What Lily said!

Twobreadsplease said...

That little purse is so cute! and little leather tassels on everything must always be a great thing, right? x

Eva Tornado said...

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I will follow you via Bloglovin;) Let's support each other! ^^

Ly said...

glad to find your blog, because all your posts are sooo good!!!