First World Problems

Ahhh. My computer (I'm currently on a friend's) has been broken for two weeks now, and it's not going to be fixed for another few days! It sucks, and throws into shameful focus how much I rely on it! I haven't been able to post the outfit photos I promised, access my inspiration folders, play with photoshop.... But I have been reading (a book? no!) like crazy instead. Reading up on my feminism to be exact. I'm becoming a fully fledged Germaine Greer...
And I've also been focusing on my home. Which, although lovable, definitely does not have the delicious proportions of this 500 sqm apartment in Berlin above. I daydream of living an art commune style life in an oversized place like this. I can just imagine The Edukators or even The Dreamers making the most of this ridiculous space.

What kind of home you daydream of? I hope you're enjoying your Saturday!


the white ribbon said...

This place is absolutely inspirational, just loved it!

Camilla said...

this is so perfect

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Hanna & Christel said...

beautiful shots and rooms!