Today I thought I would try to combine two things that have been inspiring me. Marques Almeida's ss13 collection, and the oil paintings of Jemima Kirke....

I think the last time I wrote about Marques Almeida, I said I hoped they would continue their frayed, loose shapes into delicate silk, and happily they have. It works so well, and the result, with all those flower cut-outs, and MA's colour choices, is a collection that feels so nostalgic of my '90s-hood.
Presumably quite a "challenging" collection for a fashion outsider, it's sorta ugly-chic; which I always get a kick out of...

I love Jemima's work because of her almost fauvist colour choices and the endearingly "naive" way she draws her sleepy-eyed sitters. I think too, that MA's clothes blend nicely with the roughly applied paint of Jemima's work.
But really there's awholenotherlevel to her lovability: SHE ALSO HAPPENS TO PLAY JESSA IN GIRLS.