I'm loving all these independent highstreet-priced e-boutiques at the moment... Choies (their shoooees!), FrontRowShop, Romwe and Stylenanda sell the most design-forward stuff, I think.

And I want to be able to add LowClassic to that list. Their clothes are simple with a twist, sortof & OtherStories in feel, and their accessories are a bit delicious. But although the basic navigation of their website is temptingly written in English, when you try to buy... all you get is impenetrable Korean. 
So, Low Classic will go into a different list. A list, made up mostly of unaffordable shops, of sites to visit for a bit of styling inspiration and a lot of lust.


putri soe said...

What the hell--THIS ALL LOOKS SUPER AWESOME. Just wanna grab 'em all and run.
Thanks for visiting my blog! Like i said before, i really like your blog.

Cheers from Jakarta,

electric feel said...

lovely blog!

Stephanie / Cocochic said...

Never heard of Low Classics before! I LOVE FrontRowShop but this stuff looks amazing! Your blog is sick xx

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E L L E S A P P E L L E said...

Oh no...such a shame you can't buy from their site, it looks so good!

Hanna & Christel said...

wow amazing!


Lily said...

Agreed, these are the future! Post filtering through the noise, many gems can be found on those sites. Yesstyle.com has been my main go-to as of late.

thedailyfrankievna said...

Oh thank you ! Love the first outfit ! This is exactly what I want to wear.