What is my problem with jeans?? You might have noticed that of the few outfits I post, hardly any of them contain jeans. Which is weird... Because I wear jeans, like, a lot.
Diagnosis: an arguably misplaced hang-up about posting everyday casual outfits; a subconscious manifesto to ditch the denim (and/ or its natural bedfellow: the jersey t shirt) when there are many lovely ladies who represent that genre. But it's just occurred to me that that is unnecessarily pedantic.
Cue outfit avec jeans. Actually I don't have one ready to go. So here is a mock up of what it would look like if I owned these very sexy Stella Mccartney Shoes, Alexander McQueen blouse, Sandro jeans and ohmygodwhatacutelittleseveralmonthsrentworthofa Dolce & Gabbana bag.
Featuring Pitch Dark by Renata Adler... I totally chose and judged this book by its beautiful cover.



Thank you for your lovely comment. Love your aesthetic. I enjoyed reading your post :)

FreshIsYummy said...


Sofies closet said...

Nice collage :D You should wear jeans more often in outfits :D

juice said...

I like these jeans.

thanks for your comment, maybe we could follow each other? GFC, Bloglovin and FB - let me know.
From province

Chuck said...

Have you read Pitch Dark? Speedboat has been on my wishlist for months and months. Must buy it!

Jen said...

adore this look.
those loafers - beaut!


Anonymous said...

This outfit is perfect, love the shoes a lot, they're a great combination with the jeans and the blouse.


Lucinda said...

On weekends I live in jeans but they rarely make it to an outfit post. It's interesting how such a staple seems not worth sharing despite being a true reflection of personal style. You raise an interesting topic.

So pleased you dropped by my blog so I could have the pleasure of discovering yours.

melissa said...

Perfect shoes!

Gabrielle said...

I would wear that head to toe :-) xxx