Rest Your Eyes

Glass Magazine Spring 2011 | Photography Neil Kirk | Styling David Nolan

Styling Jessica Wu

Rodeo Magazine Spring 2011 | Photography Julia Hetta | Styling Tekla Knaust

Beata Wilczek collage

Nylon Mexico June 2012 | Photography and Styling Coco Capitan

In spite of, or maybe because of, my colourful previous post (EDIT: now deleted, I think... it's missing!?), I want to rest my eyes on griege weather friendly, neutral tones.

So if you're feeling the same need, above are some of my favourites. Please let me know if you can help ID the uncredited tumblr-sourced pics!


Gabrielle said...

I'm so glad, that you left a comment on my blog, I really love your blog and we seam to have a quite similar taste/style :-) this happens not every day ;-) xxx g

Chuck said...

Mmm... so simple and pure.

Rebecca said...

love all your collections of images xx

Nonchalant Rebel said...

Wauw so lovely so pure. Nice post

xx Mounia

Laura Dittrich (Fashion Landscape) said...

Absolutely lovely inspiration x

Fashion Landscape