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First World Problems

Ahhh. My computer (I'm currently on a friend's) has been broken for two weeks now, and it's not going to be fixed for another few days! It sucks, and throws into shameful focus how much I rely on it! I haven't been able to post the outfit photos I promised, access my inspiration folders, play with photoshop.... But I have been reading (a book? no!) like crazy instead. Reading up on my feminism to be exact. I'm becoming a fully fledged Germaine Greer...
And I've also been focusing on my home. Which, although lovable, definitely does not have the delicious proportions of this 500 sqm apartment in Berlin above. I daydream of living an art commune style life in an oversized place like this. I can just imagine The Edukators or even The Dreamers making the most of this ridiculous space.

What kind of home you daydream of? I hope you're enjoying your Saturday!

I just can't get enough

Via Maja Casablancas, I think

Via Viktor Vauthier

House of Architect Pedro Useche on yatzer

Above and below, via Freunde von Freunden's look at Johanna Burke's home


Also windows.

(Sources credited where known)


Closet Visit : Momoko Suzuki

Photos // designer Momo Suzuki at home on Closet Visit.

Closet Visit is always full of inspiration; combining interiors, clothing and interviews.
They also have pictures of people's wardrobes. 
You know how much I like wardrobes...


...And "closets"! I'll admit it. However they roll, minimal or messed up, I'm a weirdo. I collect pictures of clothes on hangers. This is just a small selection.
I like it best when the clothes are arranged as an installation within the home, like a personal boutique. Mmmmmm.

Do you collect peculiar pictures?

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